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I will send a text or email to confirm 12-48 hours before the booking. Please let me know if you prefer to make contact with me instead to ensure full discretion. I will send another confirmation an hour prior, notifying you what time I will arrive. 

Please note I practice minimal phone time, which means I am very direct in my communications. Please do not take my bluntness as me being rude, I promise I am a sweetheart in person. 


Due to Queensland and Victorian law, I can not discuss my service list. Please instead let me know what you are interested in. If you have any outfit requests please let me know ASAP (activewear is a popular request). Please remind me the day beforehand as well. If none are provided I will wear smart casual clothing. I wear minimal/natural makeup, please request if you would like a full face. 


I have a very strong sense of smell so it hygiene is extremely important to me.   I will ensure I smell nice for you so please do the same for me. It will make for a very sexy time together! 

Please shower before the booking however note I will request you to freshen up. Please ensure foreskin (if have) is completely pulled back and washed thoroughly with soap twice. Please ensure your nails are clean. Please brush your teeth BEFORE the booking and then freshen up with mouthwash. At my CBD incall I will provide you with a fresh towel, soap, mouth wash, deodorant and gum/mints - Please use all. 

4. Bumps and Lumps 

If you have ANY bumps, lumps, redness or anything else out of the ordinary on your genitals or around your mouth, I MUST be told prior to the booking. I will ask for a photograph and then may request a sexual health test be completed depending on the circumstance. Please do not just turn up to the booking and tell me it is only skin tags, pearly penile papules or something similar - you will be refused service and no refunds will be given. I take mine and my clients' health seriously. 

5. Natural services

I do not offer any natural services. This includes blow jobs. For those who are unaware, there is an antibiotic resistant strain of Gonorrhea. Read the details HERE. So for my own and my clients safety I am not partaking in natural oral and neither should you. 


I have a very strong sense of smell, I request that you not smoke for a few hours prior to the booking. If this is an issue please notify me beforehand. 


I do not offer filming or photographs during bookings. If this is something you are interested in, many sex workers provide this as an extra service. It's illegal to film or photograph sex partners without their consent. This includes video/photos taken "just for personal use". If caught with a hidden camera or taking images on a mobile phone the booking will be immediately canceled, no refund will be given and the police will be notified. This is a serious crime and very distressing to encounter. 


Due to multiple people not respecting my privacy and have filmed without my consent, I now request that all personal belongings (including bags, phone, keys, glasses) be placed in a cupboard and laptops to be closed shut prior to my arrival. If you are visiting me please leave all of your belongings in the bathroom or in a bag at the front door. 

Just to repeat, if I am coming to your hotel/residence please put away EVERYTHING prior to my arrival. Otherwise, I will ask you to tidy up if I arrive and there are still things out.

9.Glasses and watches

Due to being filmed without my consent I now request all clients remove glasses and watch prior to our date. If you are unable to wear contact lens then please present your glasses at the start of the date so I can inspect them. I know this is an odd request however it will make me feel more comfortable and be more present during the booking. 


If you would like to share a glass of wine during our time together, my drink of choice is Pinot Noir. Please wait until I arrive to open the bottle. 


Please leave the booking fee (minus the deposit) in an envelope in clear sight either on the coffee table or bed. For those visiting my incall please place it on my dining room table as you walk in. If we are meeting in public please place the booking fee inside a book, magazine or something similar. 


Please know I do not discriminate against any disability but I must be informed of any physical or neurological disability before we meet so that I can prepare. This includes any mobility issues, severe ED, stoma bags, speech impediments etc.​

13. GIFTS 

Gifts are never expected nor required. However, if you do wish to treat me I would LOVE an indoor plant, bottle of pinot noir or fresh berries/fruit. 

As you can see I take my job very seriously, cannot wait to meet you 

Thanks for taking the time to read all this information.


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