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I love receiving feedback, to submit yours please go to my Scarlet Blue profile. Reviews are found at the bottom of the profile.

Steve S


Without question, Blaire is one of the most stunning tall, gorgeous, slim, blondes you will meet. As the photos show she has a simply bangin' body, but things just begin there. You cannot see in the photos that Blaire is a warm, genuinely wonderful person. She is a marketing genius and will have much success forever in business which makes her a great conversationalist. It almost goes without saying that her active, creative and wonderfully beautiful personality makes her a killer in the bedroom. I am too discreet to say how priceless the experience that I had to massage her was - I would do it all over again every week if she were still in Melbourne. I brightened her day and she brightened my smile. If you want the TRUE GFE experience of someone to talk, kiss, massage and spend a few glorious hours with -- Blaire is the one to choose. If you're hunting the Hunter - this is the one to catch. Blaire is without question the best Scarlet Blue experience that you will find.



Blaire is just exceptional. In every sense of the word.

I had tome tech and timing issues but Blair was so flexible and easy going and made me feel at ease. She was very accomadating with changes.

When she did finally walk in to my hotel she was wonderful. Gorgeous girl next door. Exactly like I'd hoped for. The conversation was nice and easy and we connected straight away.

The next 60 minutes were just incredible. She knows her way around and she loved showing off her skills too. The sex was steamy, felt like I was meeting an old lover.

We lay around in bed after and some more stimulating conversation. She really is an all rounder.

Few months later and I still think about our time together ever so often. I'd definetly recommend meeting Blaire. I can't wait for my next visit.



While I was in Melbourne recently, I had the special opportunity to meet up with Blaire. Similar to many of her other reviews, her online photos do not do her justice. She is the girl you admire from across the room, who seems just approachable enough, if you can only summon the right words to start a conversation. Her face is beautiful, with long soft blonde hair and deep inviting hazel eyes and her body is simply amazing - slim, athletic and toned, but with soft skin and curves in all the perfect places. However, what makes Blaire really special is her ability to make you feel at ease. She is refreshingly genuine, extremely witty and can speak to a broad range of topics - from music to food to life philosophy.

After some initial conversation and a quick shower, we had an opportunity to take our new found friendship to the next level. To truly understand all the sordid details, you’ll have to find the time to connect with Blaire on your own. Blaire is unique though..she is the perfect combination of asking what you like, but also telling you what she likes. I always think that makes for the most memorable and fulfilling experience for both individuals.

I certainly hope that our paths cross again sometime soon. Take a moment out of life and enjoy the Blaire Hunter experience!



Blaire is probably one of the rare few whom you can’t believe you get to spend time with. She exudes class and a youthful exuberance that extend beyond physical intimacy. She’s very accommodating and it is such a joy to get to know her. I could wax lyrical about her body, but you already know that.



Last week I had an overnight experience with the beautiful Blaire Hunter. She took me to her favorite restaurant, where we wined and dined each other. Although looking early 20s Blaire is an extremely intelligent young lady. She intrigued me with conversation and made me laugh non stop, all over one of the most incredible meals I have ever had (Blaire may be the first). After dinner, we went to a romantic little cocktail bar. Blaire is very inquisitive and clearly enjoys connecting on deeper conversation levels, this was a real treat for me.

The next morning I woke to this angelic goddess, somehow looking even more beautiful fresh-faced in the morning light. It was truly a memorable experience and feel blessed to have spent 15 hours with this amazing human. Blaire is one of a kind.



I recently had the pleasure of Blaire’s company during her Adelaide tour. Arrangements for our evening together were made discretely and promptly. Come the evening I was nervous but I should not have been. When the door to her apartment opened I was greeted very warmly by Blaire and led by the hand to the living room. Blaire is an incredibly beautiful girl as her photos reveal, and in person she is simply exquisite, slender, lithe, athletic and all ”natural”. We sat and chatted and very quickly I was relaxed and engaged with Blaire’s easy-going personality which prompted Blaire to turn up the “temperature”. After I had a quick shower, this sweet but naughty princess embraced me and then proceeded to make the next 90 minutes or so unforgettable. No details, you will just have to arrange a meeting with Blaire for yourself to experience her sublime bedroom skills.



Blaire was my second ever female experience and from viewing her twitter page and all her funny/witty comments I knew we would get along like a house on fire. She exceeded this assumption too! She is so much fun to be around and loved connecting with her in an intellectual way. Her body is toned to perfection although she says she doesn't work out - if only we all could be that lucky! I thoroughly enjoyed every moment we spent together. She is so goddam SEXY. Would love to see her again.



I met Blaire during her Hong Kong tour last time for a 3 hours booking. When she opened her door I was stunned by her beauty. Gorgeous face, perfect slim body. I was little bit nervous at the beginning but she took her time, had some great conversation to make me feel comfortable. I will not go into detail but the sex was just amazing.

I really enjoy our time together and look forward to our next encounter.



Blaire... our magical unicorn! But more seriously, she's so much fun! We've been fortunate enough to spend two amazing nights with Blaire and she's been every bit genuine, attentive, funloving, and gorgeous. For any couples looking to enjoy a sexy encounter with a beautiful woman, you can't go past Blaire. Thanks Blaire for another incredible evening - we're looking forward to the next time! xx



I Have seen Blaire for 2 unforgettable hours last month, I am righting this review because Blaire was too kind for me and made me feel at ease 
Blaire is a dream Lady i can literally say that i enjoyed every minute of my time with her 
Blaire is very elegant and deserves to be treated like a princess I want to say more but i am not good in putting words together 
Finally can't wait to see her again and again 

Joe Mick



I’m writing this review because Blaire was so sweet to me. I’m extremely inexperienced when it comes to women. Even the thought of talking to one gives me anxiety. Obviously the longer I let this go on, the worse and more permanent it will get. So in the hopes of getting over my fears and not being a hermit for the rest of my life, I booked Blaire. She came in casual clothes and we just relaxed at first getting to know one another, to make me feel more comfortable. She was very kind regarding my nerves. She encouraged me to ask questions and was happy to talk me through everything. It was quite the learning experience for me, helping me become more confident in and out of the bedroom. Very thankful to have met such a kind hearted person, relieved a lot of stress/anxiety.



So I met Blaire last week while in Melbourne. Safe to say I haven’t thought about much else since. She suggested a few restaurants for our dinner date taking the time to meet my dietary requirements. Dinner was accompanied by excellent, intelligent conversation. But couldn’t wait to get this gorgeous girl back to my hotel room. Blaire took her time to make me feel comfortable and everything felt very natural. No mechanical routines which unfortunately can be a thing. Overall 10/10 experience. Only thing I could say is she is a natural beauty with down to earth personality (as per profile says ;) ) which I personally don’t think is communicated through her photos even though they are stunning. Ps this is a compliment Blaire is girl next door super sexy.



Just had my fourth encounter with Blaire, its always such a delight. I wouldn't normally see the same girl but there is something different about Blaire. She is such a honest, interesting, good valued girl hence I am always asking for her opinion and enjoy greatly our conversations. It is nice to form a connection more then great sex. Blaire has a great sense of humour which adds to the great conversation because who seriously doesnt love to laugh? 

Its obvious that Blaire is gorgeous from her photos but believe it or not she is even more gorgeous in real life. I wont say much more because i dont want to give her a big head :P

You are something special Blaire, cant wait until our next date 

Mr K



Blaire Blaire Blaire, where do I start. I have to admit the photographs were very alluring but it was the bio that really helped me make my final decision. I think the best word to describe this beauty is: down-to-earth. I have never felt more at ease with an escort, not that I am well experienced lol. Blaire ensured I felt comfortable and started the session off with getting to know each other. She is very intelligent and can hold a mean convo which I appreciated more then she knows. I requested the GFE session - everything felt very natural. I enjoyed Blaire’s company a great deal - the sex was amazing but talking to her was the highlight of my week, especially when she would laugh with that killer smile of hers. Going to keep these memories on replay for quite some time ;)



Everything that's been said about Blaire in her reviews on this site, I can hand on heart vouch to you, is true. I could end the review right here and that would be short and to the point but let me try to paint a picture here for you.

It's always a meeting of the unknown. And there's always a sense of apprehension at that first face-to-face "hi". But when Blaire walked over to the bar at my hotel lobby, it's fair to say I was at that moment the happiest guy in Melbourne. With what Blaire says in her description about her appearance, and what other reviewers have said, there isn't much else to tell you other than there is nothing better than when you meet someone on an escort date whose looks match their personality. In Blaire's case, absolutely and undeniably beautiful on both ends of the spectrum. Case closed, we can all go home now.

Unlike some of these other reviews, I won't go into detail as to the evening itself other than to say I had such a memorable and enjoyable dinner date that night which was so satisfying on so many levels. I had an amazing time with Blaire from start to finish. As a conversationalist; as an intimate partner; as a genuine and authentic human being - Blaire is a rare treat for those of you who are searching, looking and exploring on this Scarlet Blue website. I guarantee you won't regret making a booking with her. I miss her smile already :)



Do yourself a favour and see this beautiful creature. Blaire was the highlight of my 2017!! I read a few of her reviews but those and her images do not do her justice. She's very stunning, all natural blonde but she's also beautiful inside which really did it for me. When it was time to move into the bedroom she made me feel completely at ease- everything felt completely natural no robotic girl here. So glad to have such a beautiful experience with Blaire !



Wow! Blaire is a stunning girl with a beautiful face, a very sexy body and beautiful soft skin. I had the pleasure of meeting her for a few hours during her Sydney tour and I was blown away. She has the most beautiful pair of feet I have ever seen and knows how to use her pretty feet and toes on a man. She has an amazing petite body, with incredible legs. I loved every minute of our time, and can't wait to see her again when she visits Sydney again.



I have pleasure of having 3 way with Blair and Elle last Friday this girls deserve 11/10 for the interaction during the rendezvous, they are two very beautiful girls easy going 
I will definitely looking forward spending more time with this girls.
Silver Fox




I had the pleasure of spending last night with Blaire; I booked for 2 hours then extended an extra hour because we were having so much fun. She has a easy going nature, extremely funny and quite the conversationalist. Her best physical feature would have to be that ass of hers- I believe her when she said she works out 4-5 times a week. 

We spoke for some time on the couch then moved into the bedroom. Undressing her was a right treat !!! I wont go into more detail but will note it was the best blow job I have had in a very very long time. Really looking forward to the next tour to Sydney 



I met Blaire in Adelaide on her most recent tour here. I had the best time! Blaire is beautiful, kind and sexy as all heck. She made me fizz inside like carbonated water! I don't normally post reviews but Blaire is definitely worth writing about. If you're reading this and thinking about seeing her, then do it! She's an awesome lady.



I missed the chance to spend time with Blaire when visiting Melbourne for work, so when I saw she was touring Adelaide I jumped on the chance to finally meet Miss Blaire. The first thing I noticed about her was her contagious smile. It was a seriously great smile !! Blaire is extremely sensual and made me feel comfortable straight away. No judgment was passed when I requested some of my kinks, she actually encouraged me to speak more openly about them. This was refreshing as I can be quite nervous. From my bold experience with escorts I would say my time with Blaire is one of my favourites- she is a true sweetheart. She has plans to come back to Adelaide soon, so I will be keeping in contact.




I saw Blaire last week and the experience was very memorable. Did not know what to expect as Blaire's face was not shown but I was pleasantly surprised when she opened the door. Very elegantly dressed with beautiful face and wonderful smile and a stunning slim figure. Very easy going, I felt very relaxed in her presence. If you are looking for a good time with a wonderful lady look no further. Definitely will arrange next meeting with Blaire as soon as she is visiting again.




Before I met Blaire I thought she looked very innocent, however I had the pleasure of meeting her last Thursday and was quite surprised. She is even more beautiful then I expected, very funny with an amazing smile and extremely bubbly. Her body was incredible and the entire booking I was in pure ecstasy. I wont go into more detail because I am a gentleman but I will tell you i have already booked in again for next week!



Blaire was my first time with an escort and she turned out to be exactly as she describes. She is charismatic and alluring while somehow retaining an irresistible and undefinable sense of innocence. Blaire is an absolutely stunning person both inside and out, she is very down to earth and easy going and made me feel very comfortable. She definitely provided a service that I will never forget.

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