FRequentyly asked questions 

How do I get in touch with you?

You may email via or send me a text via 0431 530 393 for initial contact. Also you may use my booking form. My Whatsapp number is +61 431 530 393. Please note that first impressions count so please provide as much information as possible and use formal manners.

How will you be dressed for our meeting?

My looks turn a lot of heads, I like to find a balance between sleek and classy. Expect something simplistic on the surface, with something designed to drive you wild underneath. Of course, I’m open to your requests if you have any personal preferences as far as colour, style, or specific fantasies. Activewear seems to be popular currently.

Do you see women, couples or groups?

Absolutely. As a bisexual woman, I love pleasing another woman, and I make a fun third to couples. Please notify me prior so I can speak to both parties.

What can I expect from our meeting?

Whatever you want! The only thing I don’t enjoy is boredom. I love deep conversations or just being silly. Clients often state that they feel perfectly at ease with me which makes me happy as I seek mutual fun! Let’s engage, explore, and experiment with mind, body and soul.

Are your photos real?

The photos are 100% real. I try to update them regularly. Also note that photographs have been verified on Scarlet Blue. I am 100% natural

Do you require a deposit?

I take a 20% deposits to lock in appointments- this shows me you are serious. Depending on the length of the booking I may request a larger deposit. Please see below for cancellation policy

Do you have a cancelation policy?

I put a lot of effort into admin and planning our dates so I have a strict non refundable cancellation policy.

How do I make a deposit?

Please see for a large range of options Please see above for cancellation policy

What payment methods do you accept?

I take a deposit through a number of methods. The remainder of the fee is to be given in cash. No credit card or bank transfer during the booking.

What do you need from me to make an appointment?

I will need to know when you would like to see me, where and how long you require my company. Also please mention any special request on services or outfit you may have. A short introduction with such details as name, age, nationality etc, is most appreciated. Please also advise of any limitations on contacting you (ie. only during certain time of the day or only via email).

What is your favourite food/drink?

I enjoy a good Pinot Noir. I am a foodie so the list is very vast, I love trying new things and would be interested in trying your favourite restaurant. But if I really had to say then either Italian or Asian-fusion. Favourite resturant is Kisume - Flinders Lane Melbourne. For those who want to indulge me:

Do you travel interstate/internationally/tour?

I try to tour regularly so please see my tours page. Requests to travel interstate/internationally are welcomed please contact me to discuss minimum length of booking.

What services do you and don't you provide?

Under Victorian law I am unable to describe sexual services but if you contact me I will enlighten you. If there is anything in particular you would like to try, please let me know.

Hygiene & Bookings?

Hygiene is extremely important to me. This means freshly showered, freshly brushed teeth (please dont skip this) and forskin (if have) completely pulled back and washed with soap TWICE. To perform oral I require forskin to be completely pull back - if it cant a condom will be used (even if booked VIP service). If can pull it back and I am still not happy with the standard of hygiene - a condom will be used (even if booked VIP service). No refund will be provided.

Do you have any doubles partners or girlfriend to play with?

I certainly do, contact me to learn more. Otherwise happy for you to choose someone else for us to play with!

Do you accept gifts?

Gifts are never expected or required. But as I have had a few enquries: > indoor plants are my weakness > bottle of pinot noir > voucher for my favourite restaurant > anything from > massage or day spa vouchers > wishlist -

Do you offer mentoring for newbies entering the industry?

I have learnt a lot over the past 4 years. I am happy to share some tips about the industry and importantly some safety procedures; either by phone or take me to dinner. I just ask for my time to be compensated - $500 for 2 hours

Are you Natural (breasts etc)?

I am 100% natural

Do you have tattoos?

Yes I do, they have been removed from my images for my privacy. All are concealed when I wear clothing.

Cat or Dog?

Can I say both? If had to choose, then would be cats.

Tomato sauce - fridge or pantry?

Only acceptable answer is fridge.

Who designed your website?

I build all my websites myself, this is version 4 (all have been pink... obviously). I love being creative.