*Under QLD/VIC law, I am unable to describe sexual services but if you contact me I will enlighten you. If there is anything in particular you would like to try, please let me know.

*Captions have been inspired by Angus and Julia Stone

Just in case you don't know who Angus and Julia Stone are CLICK HERE

What You Wanted: GFE or Naughty GFE
Discover your dream girl in me. 90 minutes+ is suggested for first time clients so we can lock down an intimate connection, enhancing our sexual one. 
GFE  30 min: $550 | 1 hour: $800 | 90 minutes: $1,100 | 2 hours: $1,400  | additional hours $600
 1 hour: $900 | 90 minutes: $1,200  | 2 hours: $1,500  | additional hours $600

Heart Filled With Wine: Dinner date 
Romantic Dinner filled with conversation and laughter then I am dessert. Let's get to know one another. Perfect for our first encounter.
4 hours: $1,900 5 hours: $2,300

Make It Out Alive: Threesome (myself and another beauty)
You may not make it out alive after two beauties have their way with you. Let me organise our play thing for the night, you don't have to lift a finger.  90 minutes+ is suggested and price includes myself and another female companion. 
1 hour: $1400   | 90 minutes: $2100 | 2 hours: $2800  | additional hours $1000


All Of Me: Couples 
Let's fulfill all three of our fantasies together. I am your perfect match. 90 minutes+ is suggested. 
1 hour: $850 | 90 minutes: $1,200  | 2 hours: $1,400  | additional hours $600

Nothing Else: Overnight 
Let's escape reality together, nothing else matters. What better way than to wake up with me? 
12-14 hours: $3900

For You: Night and Day
Whatever you need, whenever you need it, you shall have it.
24 hours $6000

Wherever You Are: Travel Partner or Fly Me To You
Whether you prefer mountain climbing or scuba diving, let my body be your favorite destination. Fly me to you or with you on holiday, let’s explore together. *Please inquire for rates 

Take You Away: Foot fetish + Other Kinks
You can tell me anything. Not only can I keep a secret, but I can turn your fantasy into our reality.
1 hour: $800 | 90 minutes: $1,200  | 2 hours: $1,400  | additional hours $600

Let’s make the GFE as authentic as possible. Let me get to know you, start to miss you, and look forward to seeing you again. I truly get pleasure from exclusive companionship and prefer long term arrangements with regular engagements. I want to spend satisfied nights with your arms wrapped around me while we laugh together and talk all night as lovers and friends. It won’t be long before I’m cooking your favourite meals, fulfilling your most secret desires, and falling asleep to your favourite shows. It won’t be long until I’m yours. * Long term price negotiable, please enquire.



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