About Blaire

Welcome, new friend. My name is Blaire Hunter. I’m a Melbourne based escort with an open heart, looking to offer an authentic and passionate girlfriend experience to kind and adventurous clients. Full of surprises, I’m petite but curvy, blonde but brainy (currently considering my third University Bachelor degree) and all-natural beauty. While I have been described often as “everyone’s type,” my favorite recurring compliment will always be “down to earth.” I have always naturally treated people well and was raised to be respectful of others. I live my life by one rule: do to others as you would have them do to you. As a result, I am caring, honest, generous, and thoughtful. I seek to form deep, meaningful connections. An eternal optimist, I know I can be silly, and even the most serious amongst us find my goofy nature infectious. I wouldn't say that I am a spiritual person, but each day, I take a few moments to express three things I am grateful about for the day. For example, today I am grateful for my independence, autocorrect, and that, in 1932, Forrest Mars invented the Mars Bar. Seriously, who wouldn’t be?

My sincerity is what helps create an authentic GFE. I am interested in you and want to know everything! I want to hear everything from your life story to what turns you on. I want to know what made your Monday so rotten and your kinkiest sexual fantasy. I pass no judgment and will most likely probe with questions out of pure fascination – I love to learn new things and new people, no matter what you want to share. I adore sex and get the most thrill out of knowing that my partner is having a great time. My favorite encounters are a mix between GFE/PSE - and those where I find out just what makes my client tick. I find pleasure in turning you on and discovering the unique intricacies to your sexual desires.

If what I have said interests you, please email or SMS me a short introduction about yourself, preferred date/time, and any special requests on service. Establishing a good relationship from the start is essential to me, so please use formal manners.
Love, Blaire


Melbourne, Australia // Female // Age 28 - But Look 23-24 // Slim But Curvy In Right Places // 166cm // 50kg // C cup // True Bi-Sexual // Caucasian // Green eyes // Blonde Hair


You’re sitting in a café, enjoying some well-earned time to yourself – but there is an itch at the back of your mind, an itch telling you that there’s something more you need to satisfy yourself. Which, of course, is when you see her.

Her long, blonde hair is casually tossed over one shoulder, her curvaceous form wrapped in a flimsy t-shirt that allows you to see the outline of her firm, pert breasts. A pair of jeans cling to her long, slender legs, and you find yourself wondering how they would feel wrapped tight around you, her delicate fingers in your hair, the taste of her on your mouth...

And that’s when you notice that she’s looking right at you. And she’s smiling a smile that tells you she’s wondering the exact same thing.

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